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High School Graduations are the close in ones very significant chapter of life. Thus its a time of celebration and joy. Time not only to party but even more important start to assert one as an adult as well.

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Announces the Launch of “Voice of the Teens”, a Forum for Teens Only

Fashion, Lifestyle, Trends [] Press release from: Veda Informatics [] Voice of the Teens Forum

(openPR) - The launch of the forum is an effort to address the real concerns of teenagers today, be it studies, dating, relationship or fun. Through this forum, teenagers can openly discuss their problems with fellow members and peers and get workable solutions to them. The USP of the website is its serious handling of teenage issues, rather than a superficial or frivolous approach. Besides, parents of teenage children also get to have an insight into their kid’s minds, attitudes, needs and fears.

The forum features a unique and clear-cut design that is demarcated by its content. For instance, the home page presents sub forum list that are divided into the two categories, serious and fun stuff. While serious stuff presents topics ranging from adult issues to concerns about drinking or sex; the fun section includes dating, beauty and video game queries. The home page also features separate links for viewing unanswered posts and the active topics. The elegant and effective architecture of the website facilitates easy navigation and an enhanced user experience.

The teen forum also has a comprehensive FAQ section that answers queries related to its use, which range from login and registration issues to software issues. The forum also provides facility for viewing current online users and related statistics, while retaining user privacy. The “Voice of the Teens” forum also presents a comprehensive search option that takes users to their favorite section at the click of a mouse.

Besides, all registered users have access to innumerable benefits, such as posting topics, creating polls, sending private messages and joining and leading user groups. Users can also create their friends and foes list on the forum. This feature enables automatic receipt or hiding of messages from friends and foes, respectively. Also, the presence of a moderator to check and monitor content ensures propriety.

About Voice of the Teens: Veda Informatics have launched a non profit forum for the teens, Voice of the teens is a place for teenagers to discuss their issues openly and seek answers to them. Be it relationships, studies, dating or fun, the forum helps teenagers to seek answers to pertinent issues, while securing their privacy.

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